The Raveonettes - Heart of Stone


  The Raveonettes是我前陣子在Youtube上無意間逛到的,來自丹麥的他們,是由一男一女組合而成的。覺得Heart of stone還真的滿不錯聽的,而且感覺他們的音樂旋律很棒,卻也帶著一些搖滾,聽起來還真讓人很舒服呀!

   I get away just for a while. I get to pine I get to cry.
   Being without you. You think my world is tumbling down.

   You know the reason I can't hurt. I got a heart of stone.

   I went away to meet my love. I saw things that I can't have.
   It makes me mad. To think of you with someone else.

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